Preventing and Dealing With Dog Bites

Dog Bite: Prevent or Deal with It

Statistics show that 4.7 million people get bitten by dogs yearly. These bites range from minor nips to major attacks. Dog’s are man’s best friend, not his worst enemy. With this thought in mind, here are some tips to prevent being bitten by a dog.

Bite Prevention

  1. Don’t Approach a Strange Dog: Don’t go near just any dog you find adorable, particularly when that dog is tied, fenced-in or in a car. A new or strange dog might think that you are threatening him or you are an intruder.
  2. Don’t Pet a Strange Dog: It is not advisable for anyone to pet strange dogs, or even his or her own dog, without letting him sniff and recognize you first.
  3. Don’t Turn Your Back and Run from a Dog: A dog’s instinct will be to chase and catch you. So, running away is not a good option.
  4. Don’t Disturb a Dog: When a dog is sleeping, chewing on anything, caring for her puppies or eating, it is bad idea to shock or disturb it.

Other Precautions to Prevent Dog Bites

  1. Neuter or spay your dog to reduce its tendency to roam and fight with other dogs.
  2. Make it socialize to lessen its being nervous when a lot of people are around.
  3. Train your dog to not chase anyone even when it’s just for fun.
  4. License your dog and provide for its regular care and rabies vaccinations.
  5. Never let your dog roam alone.

What To Do for Dog Bites

Never Panic

This will only aggravate the situation. Stay calm and make sure that you make informed decisions.

Deal with the Wound Immediately

Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and warm water. This should be done immediately. Then, contact your physician for more care and advice.

Tell the Animal Care and Control Agency in Your Location about the Bite

Report to the animal control personnel all the information you can supply regarding the dog. If it is a stray dog, describe the dog, where you saw him, whether you are familiar with it and also the direction which he went.