Ultimate Guide on How to Plan Your Vacation With Your Pet

It’s that time of the year when the cities are hot and beaches are overcrowded. This is the time which is more than just a change of seasons. It clearly means vacation. Whether you have recently adopted your pet or never had the opportunity to travel with the dog in the past, you must plan the vacation so that it becomes memorable for you and your pet.

Be it a one-day trip or multi-day vacation plan, being prepared and packed will help you to have a blast. This post offers some useful tips that will help you have a successful vacation with your pet.

Plan and then Choose the Style of Travel Wisely

No one knows your pet better than anyone. This is why you can only make the best decision when it comes to the best style of travel. Keep in mind that the travel plan should be made based on the temperament of the pet. You have to figure out whether your pet will be comfortable in a forested campsite, long road trip or can deal with the flight journey across the glove. Take your time, then make a call and then plan everything.

Consult with Vet Before You Start the Trip

The veterinarian is someone who looks after the overall health wellbeing of your pet and knows the best. You must see him along with the pet before going for a vacation in order to avert any unforeseen incident with your pet’s health.

In case all the parameters are not in order, make sure to hire a house sitter or consider boarding them in any other facility rather than bringing them along. Based on the travel destination, even a healthy pet often needs vaccines or a health certificate before departure.

Avoid Giving Normal Human Foods

When on vacation, most of the pet owners tend to offer foods best for them to their pets. But doing so is not suggested as it affects the pet’s health severely. There are several foods that are best for humans but can be dangerous for the pet. Chocolates and fried wafers being one of the most enjoyed food items during a vacation, can make the stomach of the pet upset.

Choose Pet-Friendly Rental Properties

When planning for multi-day vacation with your pet, you must make plans to choose a rental property that allows or welcomes pets. This gives great peace of mind to the pet owners because if the property does not allow pets, either you will have to keep them outside far in the garden area or keep searching for other options. Both the situations are not favourable, and thus, you must always book properties that allow pets.

Consider for their Safety

Safety is one important thing that cannot be compromised, especially when you are on vacation. It is because, during a vacation, both you and your pet are not familiar with the location. You must ensure that you have certain items in your bag to ensure complete safety. Some of them are

  • Harness or leash
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Food and water dishes
  • Grooming supplies
  • Medication

If you plan to spend time in a forested campsite or even in any luxurious resort, you must have a DIY electric fence for dogs. All you need is to install them and ensure that your dog remains within the boundary without worrying about strangers.

Don’t Leave Your Pet Alone in a Car or in the Room

There are instances where pet owners have taken their pets on vacation, but they tend to leave them either in the car or in the hotel room. Well, doing this with your pet can let you face some severe consequences. No matter what, you must take your pet along with you everywhere you go.

Keeping your pet in the car can be dreadful and life-threatening. It is because the temperature inside the car gets very high even in moderate climatic conditions. Similarly, for hotel rooms, staying alone can make your dog afraid and will not enjoy the vacation.

Following all these pointers will help you make the most of your vacation with your pet. Have you ever been on any vacation with your pet in the past? If yes, check out the post to know how you manage to get things in control and how you manage to enjoy the trip to the fullest below in the comment section.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash.